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Python Selenium Framework with Pytest - Folder Structure

A well-organized folder structure is essential for code reusability and effective test organization in Python Selenium test automation projects. Here's a recommended folder structure that promotes modularity, maintainability, and ease of navigation.

- project_folder/
  - tests/
  - test_suite...

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Upcoming Quality Engineering Trends for 2023

As we begin this year, we will witness the unfolding of the post-pandemic realities of remote work and digital everything. The field of quality engineering has grown quickly during this time and will undoubtedly continue to do so.
According to a report published by NASSCOM in 2021, the Quality Engine...

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Featured From Linkedin Discussion!
There was an online discussion on test coverage for Sorting on Linkedin! It was an enriching discussion and as promised the profiles are featured on our website! Congratulations to all the participants!
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