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    Quality Ground Up!

What we do and why it matters

Tailored classroom transverse alt degree for employability with Lab & COE Setup for 1 yr. Software is embedded in our lives. Life, health and safety critical systems keep the world running. We help the professional to build these systems quality ground up!

Only 10% of the professionals are shortlisted for the second round in the interviews as there is no formal education in this area. Mostly your career is shaped by the place that you start with. We see a need to change that.  We have the experience, desire and dream of empowering the professionals who can make a difference and ensure a safer planet!

Our Vision and Mission

Change in perspective of testing as a profession. Creating metric driven quality thought leaders. Command respect, growth path to CXO Role. It is a well paid role, when fully equipped.

Training & coaching to transform test professionals from mere survival centric to thrive, flourish and finding joy in a fulfilling career journey

Our History

In our careers spanning 22 years, we have helped many professionals find their foot in the industry. We ourselves have cut across the boundaries in our roles and were able to replicate with the people who we worked with. We have undergone formal education, certifications and research throughout our careers and have experimented and tested them at our work. We have been successful in making a difference and achieve growth, success, fulfilment and joy!

About Us

IIMB Alumni

We have spent time reflecting back on our careers, extracted the essence on the kind of learnings in terms of technology, product, process, people, purpose, markets and used that information to telescope view the future, where it is headed to. We have custom designed and hand curated the curriculum to suit those needs.  The unique teaching methodology will enrich the scholars to be hands on, knowledgeable, data oriented, insightful, adaptable and capable thought leaders.

Dr. S. Reine De Reanzi

Founder & CEO | Angel Investor | Advisor

21+ Yrs - IT Engineering, Quality & Education - IT Products & Services

Antony Prem L


25+ Yrs - IT Engineering, Products & Services

Our Team

Jayanth D

Senior Quality Engineer

Amogh P

Software Developer

Ajithkumar NS

Software Developer

Ayush Poddar

Business Head

We are Hiring! Apply Now!

Quality Ground-Up Engineer

A skilled QA Automation Engineer can design and write efficient test procedures for every software application. Join our team and help us raise the bar on quality. But we are looking for engineers who can build setups on any kind of environment and build applications.

DevOps Engineer

A results driven DevOps engineer with ability to create roadmap for Infrastructure-as-a-Service, define and maintain automated pipelines architecture and tooling. Infrastructure as code using terraform and scaling modern web architectures

Office Admin

The ideal candidate will be in charge of the organization and efficiency of daily office operations. From scheduling client meetings, to communicating between departments, you will be responsible for completing multi-level tasks in a professional and timely manner.

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