Transforming Quality Assurance into Quality Engineering: A Success Story in AI-Based Product Development Company

We are thrilled to share an inspiring success story of how we transformed a Quality Assurance (QA) team into a dynamic Quality Engineering force for an AI-based product company. In a journey marked by challenges, collaboration, and upskilling, we successfully revamped the team's capabilities, unlocking their full potential to contribute meaningfully to the company's success.

The Challenge: Unleashing the Power of Upskilling with Under Utilized Resources

Upon joining forces with an innovative AI-based product company catering to the sales domain, we encountered a unique challenge – a dev: qa ratio of almost 1:1. While the product was exceptional, the under utilization of the QA team raised eyebrows. The new management sought to address this issue, recognizing the untapped potential within the team.

Our Approach: Strategic Upskilling for Maximum Impact

We embraced the challenge by designing a strategic upskilling program aimed at transforming the QA team into a Quality Engineering powerhouse. Our mission was to empower them with the tools and knowledge needed to align seamlessly with the development team.

Leveraging AIVAGAM: A Learning Practice Live Labs Platform with a Difference

To achieve this, we utilized AIVAGAM, our cutting-edge learning practice platform withlive Linux labs and patent pending quality oracle for testcases. The program focused on hands-on experience with essential tools such asGit, Python, Selenium, Robotframework, and Jenkins.The emphasis was on providing practical, real-world exposure to these technologies.

We could see the team beaming with happiness when they were able to use their time to complete the practice labs and assessments by downloading a NASSCOM certificate just by wearing headphones!

Results: From Observers to Active Contributors in the Sprint

The impact was transformative. In a remarkably short time and at an affordable cost, the QA team gained proficiency in the tools and technologies crucial for a quality engineering role. Equipped with their newfound skills, team members seamlessly integrated into the development process.

Now included in assignments during the next sprint alongside developers, the team went from functional tests to writing support code to facilitating a smooth main code delivery. They were no longer mere observers but active contributors, making a tangible difference for their customers through enhanced product quality.

Conclusion: Empowering Teams, Driving Innovation

This success story underscores the importance of strategic upskilling in the ever-evolving landscape of AI-based product development. By recognizing and investing in the potential of our QA team, we not only increased productivity but also fostered a culture of collaboration and innovation.

As we continue to navigate the dynamic world of technology, let this be a testament to the transformative power of upskilling – a catalyst for unlocking untapped potential within our teams and driving excellence in product development.

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we look forward to hearing your thoughts and experiences on upskilling teams for success!

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