B2B SaaS MVP in 16 weeks!

AI First Development!

Software Services

B2B SaaS MVP in 16 weeks!

AI First Development!

TopGrep Tech helps professionals to have the breadth/depth in both technology and domain spaces including the latest industry trends. We plant the right seeds and nurture them to be self sustainable with strong computer science and math fundamentals, where the efforts are lean and outcome driven.
We help in building software product, platform and app solutions with quality ground up. We also have helped organizations to achieve coverage with custom strategy and have helped them increase the velocity of their releases by maximizing team productivity.

Product MVP Development

You have an idea and we make it real in 14 weeks! SaaS applications complete with hosting, sandbox, repository and payment integration. Our experts have a vast experience in developing large enterprise grade true SaaS platforms with our comprehensive tech stack, where we dont get you into the rut of talent crunch! Fast track your idea!

Techup your Startup

We help set up your business tech stack at very affordable pricing and easily maintainable by you without any recurring cost. Even if you are a solo entrepreneur, it does not matter, you would be able to run your business solo, with the tools that we setup! Kickstart your business in few days!

OnSite Developers

We can build your team at low cost and setup the tech team that you need. They will be working from your site and will be with you in your journey as FTEs.

Course Development Partner

You own your product and we build the product certification for various roles and levels. Scale your professional services workforce and implementation partners!

If you are testing tool and would love to take it to the masses via training, we can help you!

Fractional CTO/VP

We help in reviewing the architecture and provide scalable solutions, build teams (BOT) only on demand basis and can make your fixed cost light on your financial statements. Wondering what is the velocity of your team or worried about production woes, we help you accelerate & cleanup

Technology Training

Our online platform AIVAGAM, provides the shortest path with live labs for hands on practice and assessments. upon scoring >70% download a NASSCOM certificate with unique certificate id. We also provide training based on your needs!

Automated Testing

We build automated test suites for websites and apps using tools like Selenium WebDriver and Appium in Java and Python. If you’re not familiar with automation framework, that’s okay! We’ll handle the heavy lifting. Our testers can help you integrate test automation into your software development process.

API Testing (Cloud Optimised)

API testing/automated is critical for product quality and CI/CD processes. Unlike GUI tests, API tests can cope with short release cycles and frequent changes — without breaking the test outputs. We leverage the API tests to minimize the GUI test execution runs. We strategize for cost on cloud.

Mobile App Testing

We test/automate mobile apps to improve user experience for millions of people on all platforms whether it is still in development or live in the App/Play stores. All of our software testing services are flexible, and we customize our testing process to your needs.

Security Testing

We provide comprehensive security testing services fulfilling the OWASP Top 10, independent evaluation and provide continuous monitoring.

Performance Testing

We can help you figure out how many users your software can support. If you’re concerned about slow loading, or worried about your app or website going down, we can see how it performs under heavy loads.

Outcome Driven Processes

We understand how your current processes work and your desired outcomes. We tune the processes and set the expectations that drive the behavior of the team to achieve the outcomes.

Measure & Metrics

All our services provide an extensive study of the present systems and measurements. They are pruned for the desired outcome and are implemented with set goals. We provide mechanism to automate your measurements.

Improving NPS

We have achieved this time and again in our careers. We have the ability to figure out the pitfalls that contribute to negative NPS and improve it by pruning the product quality.


We can help you setup the processes that are required for you to get SOC II or ISO certification for SaaS products.


We are the best in testing BI/Analytics for generating data and testing your applications based on the business processes and non functional requirements.

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