Why should you sign up on our guided lab?

Assertive QE professional

You have a voice and present your views with confidence equipped with hands-on and course of action!

Are we doing the right thing?

Boost Pay Scale

Grow Network

Be the subject matter expert! Boost your payscale with solid contributions. Leverage professional network to track trends!

Expedite Promotion

Get Visibility through your actions! Be the fabric of your organization. Build proposals with data and create outcome driven execution!

Career Transition & Job in IT

Not only get a job in IT, but thrive in it!
Opinions vs jargons vs real action!
Achieve Sustainable growth

Frequently Asked Questions

Please find the frequently asked questions below, if you dont find an answer to your particular query using our booking appointment workflow to book an appointment with us!

Who is this course for?

Quality Engineers

Only 10% of the test professionals are shortlisted for the second round in the interviews as there is no structured learning in this area. Once you join, you may (in some places) feel like you are treated as second class citizen even though you work the same hours and get paid the same salary. And growth path is vague.

You get trained for being a developer in your engineering or other courses. When you get placed in an organization as a software tester, since you did not have the fundamentals, it takes any where between 2 to 5 years to scramble information and understand what is going on in your profession and then to figure out what is your career path.

We bridge 5 years of experience by giving you the fundamentals then move up to the latest trends. We help you to become contributors from day one. We train you to help your management team with insights that are only seen by quality professionals because they test the end to end of the applications.

We help you to organize, collect and present the data to back your findings when you go for advocating a change or an insight. We remediate all the problems mentioned in this link and gain a respectable outcome to fast track your career and standout from the crowd.

Can testers move to CXO Roles?

Yes! Absolutely! Both the founders are an example for this!

We not only teach you how to fish, we teach you how to make a business out of it as an intrapreneur

Will I get placed if I enroll for this course?

Yes, when you fulfill the course requirements

Yes, As you finish the lab exercises, you'll be presented with lab assessments. These scores are tagged to your profile. The profile if you choose to opt to be vivible to hiring managers they can see your scores and if it matches their requirements, they can potentially schedule for an interview for kicking of hiring process
Will I get to hear external experts who are working in the Industry

Yes, there are external speaker sessions arranged for each module

We have invited some of our esteemed colleagues from the industry to share their experience with us
How many modules are there in the course?

4 Modules

There are 4 terms, each term consists of a module and each module consists of 4 subjects areas. The modules and the subjects are sequenced and designed in such a way that we cover from basics, advanced levels to latest trends
What are the prerequisites for this course?

A few things...

Mathematics as one subject either in your bachelors or 12th grade. Clearing the entrance. Everything is set on the cloud, so a laptop should be sufficient.
The classes and lab sessions are offline.
Will I be awarded a certificate?


Yes, you'll be awarded a certificate once you finish the course with required credits.
Are there bulk bookings and discounts for them?

Yes, corporates can book in bulk

We do have discounts for corporate batches or organizational training and customized modules, please write/call us in the coordinates mentioned on this website.
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