Decision curves for Career Growth in Quality Engineering

16.02.23 10:48 AM By topgrep21

Based on our research and work in Quality Engineering in the last 22 years, we have designed the career projections curve as per the behaviour and expectations of professionals at a particular stage of career in Quality Engineering -- Hacking into the mindset of Top 0.1% Quality Engineering Professionals

Are you feeling stagnant in your Quality Engineering career? After around five years in the industry, the line between development and QA begins to blur, and upskilling becomes necessary to move up the career ladder. However, with only 10% of professionals making it to the second round of interviews, it can be tough to get ahead without formal education.

At the inflection point, you have the opportunity to pivot and choose a new career path, leveraging your experience to become a test architect, software architect, product manager, engineering leader, marketing expert, customer success manager, professional services consultant, solutions architect, and more.

But how do you know which path is right for you? We've created a decision curve for career growth in Quality Engineering, designed to help you navigate the inflection point and take control of your career. At the inflection point, these two paths meet, and it's up to you to decide which direction you want to take.

Check out our graph for a visual representation of the career growth between roles and the inflection point. 

Our STEAM way curriculum, custom-designed by industry veterans, is tailored to suit the unique needs of Quality Engineering professionals  and is built to take you from a mere survival-centric approach to a thriving, fulfilling career journey. Our unique teaching methodology is hands-on, knowledgeable, data-oriented, insightful, adaptable, and capable of transforming you into a thought leader.

With our Complete Immersion Programme, you'll renew your career and set on a growth path to head Quality Engineering with various options and capacities. Join us today and discover the joy of elevating your Quality Engineering skills and chart your own course!


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